08/12/2012 Sunday Search Terms and Project 365: Facts 219-225

Hello and Happy Sunday, Dear Readers!

Did you know that in an 8 hours average shift of cooking, etc., at BBQ Camp I burn between 1200 and 1500 calories?  Well, if you didn’t before, you do now.  What amazes me is that I’m usually so busy, I don’t eat much during the day.  I know that’s not good and I need to eat more.

As you’re reading this I’m back at work for a short day and will have gotten up early and gone cycling.  I’ve been enjoying getting out on the bicycle – and the new seat seems to be working well; next up is new handlebars.  I’m tired, but I know that this will all be worth it in the end.

This weeks top search term is:  victoria’s secret love my body campaign.  Apparently this is a hot topic.  I’m not sure which way it is a hot topic as there really haven’t been many comments on my post about it, but I’m sure someone out there has some more opinions.

This weeks Honorable Mention is:  womens like riding dogs.  This is another search term that confuses me.  So, are these women riding dogs?  I hope those are large dogs like Mastiffs or Wolfhounds if that’s the case.  Is this the same as those dog-riding monkeys?

 Now that that confusion is over – let’s get to the Facts!

Random Facts 219 – 225

Random Fact #219 – I once had a bloody nose last over 3 hours.

I have a nose bleed issue, particularly in the dry, winter months.  I can only imagine how sexy it must look to every other human who comes into contact with me when I have a wad of tissues firmly clamped around my schnoz.  It could start bleeding when I blow my nose or even if I’m just being idle.  Next thing I know – blood.  I once woke up during the night from a sound sleep with one – when I flicked on the beside lamp it looked like someone had slit my throat (obviously that isn’t what happened) – I couldn’t tell you how long I was bleeding for that lovely wake-up-call.

My 3-hour-bleed out was in grade school, though I’ve had equally as long (and maybe longer and just can’t recall them) nose bleeds since then.  I’ve talked to the doctor about it and I’m not keen on having a hot iron stuck up my nasal cavities (nor the “chemical cauterization).

Random Fact #220 – I used to bite my nails.

Right down to the quick – which was painful and now that I write about it, I wonder what it was that made me chew them down so far to cause myself pain.  I’m sure there is a reason and if someone wants to delve into it – be my guest.  Thankfully I stopped long ago.  I couldn’t even tell you when it stopped, only that one day I realized I had after seeing my fingernails weren’t all chewed up.

Random Fact #221 – I have an irrational fear of loaded auto transport carriers.

I don’t care who you are, one day those chains on the end car on the top are going to give way and that car is coming off!  I will NOT be behind that transport trailer when that happens.

Random Fact #222 – I like to ask direct, pointed questions.

I think people feel I’m being rude when I ask them these direct, pointed questions, but the thing is I just don’t like to beat around the bush.  I want to get to the heart of the matter right then.  I like straight and to the point questions… and answers.

It probably also throws them when I ask questions altogether because I rarely ask them in quantity or with frequency.

Random Fact #223 – I do not like a cluttered home.

If you’ve ever watched A&E’s show “Hoarders” or “Hoarding:  Buried Alive”, you’ll know that it leaves my skin CRAWLING in disgust and utter abhorrence at the state these people live in.

Random Fact #224 – I love the smell of Comet Cleanser and always use it to clean my sinks.

I know exactly what the reason is for this… my Great Aunt Marion has always scrubbed  her sinks with Comet Cleanser and every time I use it to clean I recall my Aunt Marion and my visits there, fondly.

Random Fact #225 – I am often put off by people who I think “overstep” the line when it comes to flirty banter.  “You go too far, Sir.”

I know this confuses a lot of people, especially after I’ve said time and again that I am a flirt.  I’m friendly (unless I get a bad vibe from someone) to everyone, but I don’t flirt with absolutely everyone and there are a lot of people who flirt with me right from the get-go that sends my skin crawling.  I want to back up, hand to chest and declare, “You don’t know me!  You take liberties you have not earned!”  I’m taken aback and deeply offended when people “overstep” the line with me; I literally feel like “turning tail and running”.

I think the problem is that I’m quite honest (see the previous fact) and I believe that frankness is mistaken for flirting.  I’ll answer any question put to me, though I always say that I won’t guarantee my answer is what will be wanted or appreciated – I’ll still give an answer.  People are less and less able to have a conversation for conversations sake – it seems that too many people think that a speaking equates to sexual attraction.  It doesn’t.

Aren’t I just a riddle wrapped in a conundrum?

Thanks for tuning in and check back next week!

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Deep thinker whose mind operates at warped speed. Philosopher pondering the big (and little) things in life. Storyteller. Office Ninja. Model. Teller of bad jokes. User of big words.
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4 Responses to 08/12/2012 Sunday Search Terms and Project 365: Facts 219-225

  1. As always, a plethora of interesting facts. Of course, being the incorrigible, lovable, introverted flirt with the same straight forwardness…I would appreciate it. Being a fish helps too. Auto haulers? Great…now I will think of that.

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