To those who speak to our Souls

I’m an incredibly lucky person; for real and for true.

I’ve been very fortunate to have some particularly special people enter my life over the years and some of them are the people who speak to my soul.  These wonderful people are few and far between and I was inspired to write about the luck of having them in my life after reading Elena’s post about her trip to Cairo, Egypt, and meeting fellow blogger and new friend, Zully.  You see, just yesterday I had a lovely conversation with one of my friends who speaks to my soul, Chuck.  Chuck speaks Celtic from time to time and yesterday he got “mushy” on me, letting me know what an important part of his life I was and how he appreciated me; I echoed his thoughts.  His word for what we are is Anam cara.  Soul Friends.

Chuck is one of my internet friends whom I’ve had the luck of actually meeting in person.  He’s one of those people who even if we don’t speak for months, when we do, conversation picks right up where it left off.  Chuck always “got” me.  I could say something and even if I mangled it up, he knew what I meant.  I love Chuck with all my heart and he’s one of my “if something happens, please contact” people.

If you’re just joining this blog, I am a lover, which I’ve mentioned before, but I’m actually a really guarded person.  Some will call me aloof, some taciturn; both apply in the right circumstances.  I’m not unfriendly to strangers – quite the opposite, but conversation, while genuine, is inconsequential; it’s my way of feeling people out.  I like to see what they’re about.  What their angle is; what role they play in the dance of life.

I have these friends who have wiggled their way through the mazes and traps I set and withstood the pushing away and punches I threw in an effort to protect myself; those aloof and taciturn mannerisms I employ to keep myself safe.  These people are my closest friends.  They number in the few and I cherish them dearly because they see and accept me for who I am, the proverbial “warts and all”.  I love them because they love me back.  These are the people whom I don’t just greet with a big hug – these are the people who are greeted with a big hug, a kiss and you don’t let go for a good long time because it feels so good to hold them again.

Do you have these same friends?  The ones who don’t judge you for things you say or do.  The ones who hear what you have to say and then make you think of things a different way.  They remind you to keep your mind open.  They remind you that even though they or anyone else might do something different from you, it isn’t necessarily wrong – just different.  They roll with your punches.  You don’t even have to speak when you’re with them, the silence is equally as comfortable as speech.

Soul Friends are a beautiful gifts to have in your life.  When they have come around, it has always surprised me.  It’s like when the Tooth Fairy left money under my pillow.  It’s like the Christmas I ran to the tree, right past the new mountain bike, and it was pointed out to me that I “missed something”.  I did?  I DID!!!  The thing is… Soul Friends are so much better than Tooth Fairy money or a mountain bike.  Soul Friends are the gifts that keep on giving.  They are the people with whom you want to spend time whenever you can.  The people with whom you honestly enjoy talking… even on the phone!  They are the people that you are continually are reminded how lucky you are that they present in your life.  I’ve been fortuitous enough to have married one of these Soul Friends in addition to the others in my life.

I’ve never believed, nor have I been comfortable with, the idea that people have only one “soul mate”.  I believe we have many; but after my conversation with Chuck, “Soul Friends” is a much better way of putting it.  Anam Cara.  Home.

“Love isn’t a feeling, it’s an ability.” Marty from Dan in Real Life

Do you have the ability?  If you do – are you using it?  If you don’t or you aren’t – why not?

Here’s hoping I’ve done this tribute justice to DH, Chuck and my other Soul Friends.  Thank you for letting me grow into who I am, teaching me about myself and life in general. I’m privileged and humbled that I’ve recognized you when you have come along.

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4 Responses to To those who speak to our Souls

  1. Thanks for the link to my blog! What a nice tribute to friends. I have a few like that and they are so refreshing to have in your life. I look forward to reading your blog!

  2. Elena says:

    this is really beautiful.. I love the Anam Cara..

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