04/29/2012 Sunday Search Terms and Project 365: Facts 114 – 120

Happy Sunday to you Dear Readers!

I hope you’ve been having a fantastic weekend thus far, and I’m still recovering from a party (to be covered tomorrow) that we had yesterday.  I’m also off today to make a scouting run with a fellow model for a group shoot event in  June.  No rest for the wicked!

This weeks Favorite Search Term goes to:  Timisoara.  What’s that, you ask?  Yeah… I didn’t know either – so I had to go search it; oh the irony!  Turns out that Timisoara is a place in Romania (I’m big in Romania, remember).  So THANK YOU Searchers!  You’ve taught me something new today.  The Sunday Search Term Honorable Mention goes to: Bedazzled Track Suits.  I mentioned them in a Christmas post last year, but Betty White has made them popular by wearing them on her show Hot in Cleveland.

Hot in Cleveland Cast: Jane Leeves, Betty White, Valerie Bertinelli and Wendie Malick. Thank you to http://www.imaginelifestyles.com/luxuryliving/2011/05/maybach-62s-saloon-bedazzled for the image!

Now, Onto the Facts!

Random Facts 114 – 120

Random Fact #114 -The only chocolate I like with fruit in it is Chunky Bars or Raisinettes.

Not a fan of the chocolate and fruit combined thing.  Cherry cordials are absolutely disgusting.  Those chocolate-covered-fruit-gel things in Brach’s Bridge Mix are eww-inducing.  I will eat chocolate covered raisins though.  I don’t know where my aversion to fruit and chocolate came from but it has stayed with me.  Though, while writing this I have realized that I DO like chocolate-covered strawberries… I forgot about those.

Random Fact #115 – I love the elements: stone, wood, metal, water, earth.  I try to emphasize those in decorating my home.

This is not to say that I’m good at decorating.  Far from it.  I’m a conceptual person.  I want my house to feel spa-like, zen-like.  I want people to come to my home to feel AT home.  I want them to be relaxed and at-ease.  The only room with a lot of color is the dining room that has my placemats from Mexico, brightly colored serape.  Ole!

Random Fact #116 – A favorite painter of mine is Leonardo Nierman.

We’ll stick with the Mexican theme for this one, utterly by accident than planning.  Leonardo Nierman was a painter and sculptor whose work I came across in New Orleans on Royal Street pre-Hurricane Katrina.  I was awed by his paintings.  I bought the book of is artwork because chances of me owning an original are slim.  I can get lost in his paintings.  I find them absolutely wonderful.

a Nierman painting; thank you to http://art.findartinfo.com/art.asp?i=116&p=485&old=1 for the image

Random Fact #117 – I have over 40 G of music files ripped to my computer, but that isn’t everything I own.

Somewhere there is a large Rubbermaid tote or a bunch of paper grocery bags filled with CDs that I haven’t ripped to the computer yet.  Somewhere.  One of these days I’ll track it down.  I estimate I have at least 80 G of music total, once it’s all been ripped… everything from classical to metal to R&B and Rap… and it includes the DH’s collection of Weird Al Yankovic.

Random Fact #118 – I have never been to a college or professional football game.  I don’t think I’m missing out.

Considering I don’t understand football… yeah.  I don’t see the appeal.  Well, that’s not true.  I do, but I just don’t care enough (read: at all) about football to bother wanting to watch a game; it’s just not my thing.

Random Fact #119 – I love to go to professional baseball games to people watch.  I watch the game as well, but I don’t care who wins.

Baseball I understand.  I get it.  I enjoy it, and even used to watch the Brewers games with my mom on TV when I came home from work.  I never followed teams, paid attention to who played for what team.  I like the technical aspects of the game, playing well, seeing where mistakes were made and figured out how they could have been avoided.  Oh, and I enjoy people watching, that’s even more fun than watching the game.

Random Fact #120 – I think snakes are awesome.  I make rock piles on my property to attract them.

So far the only snakes we’ve seen on our property have been a pregnant DeKay’s Snake and the occasional garter snake of various species.  No Bullsnakes, yet.  No Hognose snakes.  No Eastern Massasauga or Timber Rattler.  But, I keep my hopes up.

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