It came out of nowhere

Sorry Readers… not much of a post today.  I was hit with a migraine last night (when I typically write my posts for the next day or days).  I’ve been very lucky that I don’t get them often and not nearly as severe as many people I know, but they still don’t feel good at all.

I had just left the office and somewhere between getting in the car and making my first errand stop 15 minutes later it began, a subtle change in vision, where I had almost no peripheral vision on the right side, and a long kaleidoscope-like line in the upper right of my field of vision, that sparkled and flashed.  My head didn’t really hurt though.  I finished my errand and then it was off to pick up DH before our next errand (oil change and tire rotation).

The headache began halfway into our short, five-minute drive to the service station, a mild, dull throb and then it was bad enough that I couldn’t read my book.  It took me nearly 15 minutes to try to get through two pages, so I switched over to playing mahjong, which was much easier since I only had to look for same tiles.

I’m on hour 4 of this headache as I write this, but I can’t complain too much; it’ll be over soon enough and I’m not hiding from light or sound.  Here’s hoping tomorrow I’ll be able to write a proper post!

Do you suffer from migraine headaches?  What do you do to alleviate them?

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2 Responses to It came out of nowhere

  1. millodello says:

    Today’s post sucks. Better luck next day.You are a real trooper if you can make your head work to write a blog while it is trying to blow you up.

    • In the words of my friends, Bob and Jeff (and a HUGE inside joke, albeit slightly different for them both): “I know. RIGHT!” 😉 Thanks! I went to bed still in the grips of the migraine but woke up migraine-free. WOO HOO!

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