02/12/2012 Sunday Search Terms AND Project 365

Sunday Search Terms

1.  old san juan puerto rico, el picoteo restaurant san juan, hotel casablanca san juan puerto rico, cafe berlin in san juan, san juan puerto rico, puerto rico maps, old san juan pier telephone, san juan cruise late flight, best drinks in old san juan puerto rico

Hmm, there are a lot of people looking up information about San Juan, Puerto Rico.  GOOD FOR YOU!  I’m glad to see you are all doing your homework before your trip.  Get your travel experiences here!  Sometimes good, sometimes bad.  Sorry about the maps – none to be had in this joint.  Since San Juan, PR is a Commonwealth of the USA, if you’re a member of AAA, call them for a map, otherwise, the desk clerk at our hotel, Hotel Casablanca, readily gave us a map which included Old San Juan and the rest of the island.  For those of you who have a late flight – ENJOY YOUR TIME!  What are you worried about?  Best drinks?  Too many to choose from.  Be sure to try the mojito and the caipirhina.

2.  st. thomas island

Well, since I didn’t spend much time on St. Thomas proper this go around – can’t help you much.  So sorry.

3.  your call will be ignored in the order

Indeed!  I ignore an awful lot of phone calls.

4.  goat meat chili

Mmmm goat meat chili…. Well, today I’m not making that, but I AM making soup stock from goat shanks.  Yum!  (My house smells really good)

5.  carnival victory cruise ship

Glad you stopped by.  I’m kind of sorry that I didn’t take pictures OF the ship, but just kind of.  I had a good time on the ship.  I hope you do too.

6.  365 facts about hamsters by morgainne

This one leaves me scratching my head a smidge.  I get the “365 facts” bit, after all today is the day I post my weekly update for my project 365… but hamsters?  And who is Morgainne?  Don’t get me wrong, hamsters are cute, but with Little Cat and Fat Cat who LOVE to eat mice, it was deemed that a pet hamster would not only be cruel for the hamster but the cats as well.  Torturous for the cats, really.  We learned our lesson with the parakeets…

7.  christmas lights vandalism squirrles

Firstly – isn’t it a little past the season to be looking up damage to Christmas lights by squirrels (notice how that’s spelled?)?  SQUIRRELS do, in fact, like old wiring.  Lesson learned.  We’ll put up more modern L.E.D. lights next season.

8.  dirty phrase of the day

I am SHOCKED!  Shocked and appalled that you’d associate my blog with dirty phraseology!  Heh.  Okay… maybe not so much.

9.  milking in the olden days

How far back “olden” are you looking for?  Milking goats, sheep, cattle, donkeys, horses?  Anything with two “faucets” is easier to milk by hand that those that have four.    Small livestock is easier to milk with a milking stand.  Oh, and you build up some great forearm strength.

Project 365:  Random Facts 36-42

36.  I used to read the dictionary. I now subscribe to Dictionary.com’s Word of the Day.

Yep.  I was one of “those kids”.  I read the dictionary.  I still do sometimes.  I also like to read the Scrabble Dictionary.  It’s very helpful when it comes to playing Scrabble.  Oh yeah, I also subscribe to the Urban Dictionary Word of the Day as well.

37.  I like to look into houses at night when I drive home. I’ve only seen someone naked once.

You know, for all of the times I’ve driven around at night and looked into open windows, you’d think that the instance of spotting naked people would be improved.  Sadly that doesn’t seem to be the case.  Just know that if you’re one of those people who parades around your house naked with the blinds/shades/curtains open… I’m watching!

38.  I’m a messy eater… and my lip, despite never having been pierced, seems to have a hole in it.

DH teases me to no end when we get sandwiches as Subway, or even if I make breakfast/lunch wraps at the house.  They are overstuffed with veggies and tend to fall apart on me.  I’ve been lucky in that I don’t spill food on myself often at all, I have the “hover” over the plate down pat.  I do, however, appear to have this uncanny knack to dribble water on myself pretty much daily.  That’s where this “hole in the lip” issue comes from.  I wish I knew how I gained so much talent in that respect, but there I go.

39.  I seldom initiate conversation because I don’t want people to feel that I’m imposing.

Yep.  It’s true.  Probably one of the reasons people think I’m snobby or aloof.  It’s not for lack of wanting to talk, I can talk a blue-streak.  My parents didn’t tell us kids, “Don’t speak unless spoken to”, but that appears to be what I’ve adopted as my M.O.  I’m actually very friendly, and I can talk to anyone.  I’ve been known to strike up conversation with random strangers, especially when traveling.  I make a point of pushing myself out of my comfort zone of silence often, but not all the time.  I’ve had friends send me messages that I’ve been “too quiet”, etc.  I do think of them, sometimes daily, but in my mind I think, “They’re so busy, they don’t need me to pester them.”  So, if I’m too quiet, send me a message… I’ve probably been thinking of you!

40.  I do not eat unnaturally blue food willingly.

For real and for true.  Blueberries are safe, blue M&Ms are not.  There are very few exceptions to this tenet, one of those is blue Pixie Stix.  I love them.

41.  I frequently have a Band-Aid on my person, somewhere.

I like to think that I’m channeling Les Nessman.

42.  I love tattoos… but don’t have any.

Tis true!  Not a one.  I’ve drawn them for people who have had them indelibly inked on their person, but I just can’t commit to something for myself.  Women stretch out and sag in areas as we age; just what I want is to have a bluebird of happiness tattooed on my butt now only to have to turn into a pterodactyl when I’m eighty.  I’m all for tattoos, so don’t think I’m anti-ink.  I admire people who are so set on a design that they want it on their skin for the rest of their life, though, I do NOT recommend tattooing names of lovers or spouses (unless they died).  Too many questions come up when they aren’t around anymore.  Names of children, grandchildren, favorite pets – understandable.  I’ve seen some great tattoos and a whole lot more awful tats.  If you’re going to get one, save up your money and get a good one, from someone who knows what they are doing.

Missed out on last Sunday’s post?  Here you go!

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    If the window is open….

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