01/15/2012 Sunday Search Terms/Project 365

It’s time again for the much awaited Super Sunday SPECTACular!  This year, 2012, I will offer not only the top searches that lead people to my blog, BUT I will offer up the previous weeks seven random facts about myself that people get to see on Facebook for my Project 365.

The last weeks top Search Terms

  1. hruskovec booze
    I believe I have to blame Jeff at JSVExperimental for this one, as it was the top search term yesterday and I was at his studio for “Nerd Studio” lessons with my camera.  You see, I know people.  These people love me and ply me with good things to drink, just as Hruskovec (all the diacriticals are missing from that) from Slovenia (which is MUCH better than the Hruskovec from Croatia [smells like lighter fluid – at least the stuff at Woodman’s does]…. sorry Croatia).  Hruskovec is a sweet pear liquor that smells like bananas (my opinion) or Circus Peanuts (Jeff).  Hruskovec is on of my favorite “neat” alcoholic beverages, though I also enjoy it on the rocks.  A bottle of Hruskovec was also our first model for Nerd Studio.  (and we drank some)
  2. working brains
    If your brain isn’t working, you must be dead!  My brain is working all the time!  Even when it’s in low gear, I have thoughts whizzing through at least at the pace of a brisk walk.  I have my moments of absolute nothingness; usually it involves me sitting on a beach, squirmed down comfortably into the sand and watching the surf.  Yes, I really CAN sit still.
  3. christmas light strand
    What is with people still looking up Christmas stuff?  It’s the new year!!  We have … 10 more months before we have to think about Christmas again.
  4. as the gutter flows
    Who knew that “As the Gutter Flows” would be such a popular story!!  For all those fans of “As the Gutter Flows”, I apologize for the lack of a story in the last two weeks… but it’s been slow at work, so I haven’t been working as much.  There is sure to be another episode within the next few weeks.
  5. christmas light bulbs clip art
  6. christmas lights border animation
  7. christmas lights that move
    We’re lumping these last three together, along with #9.  Again, it’s JANUARY!  Do we HAVE to think about Christmas still?
  8. tonopah nv to salt lake ut driving time
    Tonopah, NV is an interesting little crossroads that I stopped in for lunch on my way back from California last year in July.  BIL (brother in law) said McDonald’s was the lunch stop of choice (I wanted to try out one of the Mom ‘n Pop places, or at least the local casino’s buffet line).  After lunch, we made our way northish on to Salt Lake City, UT, but were stopped briefly for roadwork where I got to watch a flock of Chukar Partridge cross the road.  Didn’t have my camera at the ready though.  By the way… the fastest route is 410 miles up US 6 E and then onto I-80 E, at 6 hours and 58 minutes.  Tonopah is also home to the Clown Motel
  9. free christmas lights border clip art

Project 365 – Random Facts 8-14

  1. I nearly always spell certain words the “English” way: grey, colour, theatre
    I don’t know why.  I can’t explain it other than, spelling those words (amongst others) always makes me feel WRONG.  It just feels wrong.  This is not to say that I never spell them the American way, I do, but more often than not, color is spelled “colour”.
  2. I raise my pinkie finger when I drink roughly 90% of the time.
    It depends on what I’m drinking of course, and it depends on the vessel it’s in, but I notice that a great deal of the time, I raise my pinkie when I drink.  My Mom tells me it’s “for balance”.  Maybe this has something to do with my penchant for martinis?
  3. I cannot bend my left thumb without my left index finger bending, too.  But, I CAN bend my left index finger without bending my left thumb.
    I only noticed this a few years ago.  DH thinks it is really strange and has tried to hold my index finger rigid as I attempt to bend my thumb… no dice.  I don’t recall any major injuries from my previous life as a mobster that would have hindered my ability to move my fingers and thumbs independently of each other.  Well, maybe that one time when Johnny Knuckles hit me with the hammer…
  4. I have been vaccinated for Rabies.
    Oh yeah, you read that correctly.  I have been vaccinated for Rabies.  No, I don’t have some cool story of protecting small children or little old ladies from mad dogs or running into an errant skunk on a remote hiking trail.  Oh no… MY vaccination was because one day in 2009, I headed out to the barn to feed the horses.  I opened the large, sliding door and felt a coolish “something” land on my left forearm and slide to the floor.  I screamed like the girl that I am…. Oh stop it!  Like you wouldn’t scream, too… *rolls eyes*  So, I screamed and then looked down at this poor little bat who had hit the concrete floor of the barn and was stunned.  Immediately I said, “Awwwwwww, poor little batty bat”  (Thank you Count for that), and watched patiently while the little bat got his, or her, bearings and fluttered out to the tree behind the barn.  Chores taken care of, I headed into the house and scrubbed my arm up good, inspected it, and called DH in for an inspection of his own.  DH didn’t see anything, I didn’t see anything, but my semi-hypochondriacal nature got to me and long story short, I was the THIRD person in the ER that night for “bat contact” and a subsequent Rabies Vaccination.  More on that another time.
  5. I am a Flirt.  I don’t even think about it; I don’t TRY to do it, it’s just what I do.  BUT – if a person is flirting with me… I’m oblivious.
    I know.  Some people will read this, shake their heads in disgust and whisper, “Hussy”.  Hey, I am what I am.  It just happens.  I don’t think about it.  I don’t look at a person across a room and decide I’m going to flirt with them.  Believe me, I’m not that savvy.  Hell, I even end up inadvertently flirting with people I don’t find attractive at all… It doesn’t hurt anyone, and in fact, usually makes people feel pretty darn good about themselves.  As for why I am oblivious if others flirt with me?  I think that goes back to not thinking people find me attractive.  Yes, yes.  “But SARAH, you model”… Bite me.  I just don’t see myself that way.  I’m funny, smart and a myriad of other things… attractive isn’t one of those things I think about.
  6. My favorite features other than my eyes, are my lips and my hair.
    So I once received a comment about my lips that needed explaining, and while I won’t repeat it here… because Mom reads this… let’s just say, it was a really nice complement.  And my hair?  It’s awesome.  My hairdresser loves it, even though it takes a while for a blow out.  I may have to do a photo shoot sometime just on my hair.
  7. I can take instruction very well, but I detest being told I “have to”, “must do” or “need to” do something… detest it like nothing else.  In fact, it’s probably the number one thing that pisses me off.
    So, this is where my “WARNING: Feisty Female” post from the other day came from.  I’ve never liked being told what to do by anyone.  I remember my brother telling me to do something once and shouting back, “You’re not the boss of me!”  I have found that while I don’t respond with that same shouted phrase anymore, I still FEEL the same way I did when Fred would tell me what to do.  Mentally I’m still that 5-year-old, arms crossed, lips pouted and face all squinty as I spit out, “YOU’RE not the Boss of ME!”  You know how you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar?  Yeah, works the same way for getting me to do something; have to make me want to do it. Same applies for pretty much everyone.

And this concludes THIS weeks Super Sunday SPECTACular!  Next weeks edition brought to you from warm and sunny, San Juan, Puerto Rico!

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