Phrase of the day

Today started as a bit of a lazy day.  DH was supposed to pull an all-nighter at one of his hospital projects, but I woke up to him coming into the bedroom at 1:45 AM.  This was a good thing, as we were under a Winter Weather Advisory for freezing rain and snow flurries.  That was supposed to start at 3 AM.  I groggily welcomed him home and fell back to sleep.

When my phone alarm went off at 8 AM to remind me to take my drugs, I shut it off and rolled back over my pillows into the snug comfort of flannel sheets and an electric blanket.  Last night, I had gone out with friends to the local BBQ joint, where I have been working now and then.  I got the rack of Babyback ribs with the side of potato salad (which I made the previous day) , I took three-quarters of it home (not the tater salad though… I ate all of that).  After only 6 hours of sleep (my own fault), a full day at the office, coming home to get eggs ready for my Egg Pimp to push, my sewing machine for friends to use and then I spent a little while reading, I was tired.  It was then off to Bs BBQ, where when I walked in the door, K asked what I was doing there, and did I want to work.  Dining with friends, but I’d work after that.  But I digress.

I got up this morning with full intention of working out right away.  I decided to make coffee first, then tugged the YakTrax onto my boots so I could walk on the quarter inch of ice to unleash the Happy Chickens (who do not seem phased by the freezing rain).  The Happy Chickens placated, I took care of Crazy Dog and the cats.  It was then, and only then, that I made peace with the treadmill for an hour.  One episode each of Hot in Cleveland and Beavis & Butthead, and 15 mins of an episode of Dirty Jobs, my time on the T’mill was over and I found a text on my phone asking if I wanted to head into the BBQ joint for a few hours.  I responsed, “Yes” (that’s paraphrased for you, Dear Readers), I hit the showers, had my monster breakfast biscuit that DH made me, gulped down half a cup of coffee and it was off to work.

B, of B’s BBQ, had gotten a meat grinder for Christmas and today he was going to make sausage.  So, while I made potato salad, he got to work on the pork sausage.  One pan-fried patty later, split between us, left us both saying, “Oh my GOD!  That is AWESOME!”  He then took the rest of the patties out to the smoker.  The smoked version – DEVINE!

But this brings me to the phrase of the day.  While at the sink, washing and scrubbing dishes, I was cleaning out the grinder and noticed a chunk-o-meat stuck inside.  I stood for a moment, looking around for something to fish the flesh out, deciding on a fork.  B walked up and asked if everything was going well and I responded that it was, but I just had to get this pork out of the grinder.  This brings me to the phrase of the day:

Phrase of the day: “…Well, the problem is that you have a hunk of meat all crammed up in there….” – Me, to B.

B – “That is NOT a sentence I thought I’d ever hear…”

*takes a bow and a curtsey*  Thank you.  Thank you very much!

I finished up, headed home, made cupcakes, washed dishes, drank wine, sorted emails, ate dinner, made banana-nut muffins and THEN… wrote this post.  I’ve had a full day.

Hopefully I can get a post in tomorrow… but tomorrow IS NYE.  Forgive me if I don’t.

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