Question of the Day – 12/17/2011

If you had one week to show George Washington the country today, what would you want to show him?

George Washington with his trusty steed, "Old Nelson"

Tough question.  I’m not sure of where to start.  Honestly, I think George would be ashamed of many of the things the U.S. of A. has become.  We do have our moments, our shining examples of progress for the good of the people, but I believe that once he saw what disarray our political system had become, he’d be disgusted.

I could show him the hospitals, but then there are the terrible hoops that many people have to jump through to even get treated.

I could show him Wall Street, but we have all witnessed the corruption and greed that lay therein.

I could show him airports, the interstate system, etc., but they, too, are all fraught with corruption and greed.

You know… I think maybe I’d take him on a tour of the National Park system… show him that there are still some places (for now) that aren’t completely taken over by commercialism.

So now I put it to you, Dear Readers, what would you show him?

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2 Responses to Question of the Day – 12/17/2011

  1. I’d take him to New York and show him a city filled with people of different races, religions and sexual orientations all of whom participate and contribute to the civil and political life of the country.

  2. The more things change, the more they stay the same…

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