Do I aMUSE you?

So yesterday evening I found myself out with my cousin P at a Girls Night Out for WJJO Radio.  We were having a great time being sassy (cause we’re really good at that), and we started to talk about modeling.  P doesn’t model, but brought up how various photographers approach her all the time to tell her they want to “shoot” her (with a camera… not a gun).  One photographer even asked her to be his Muse.  P turned him down.

I’m often amused by this “Muse” status.  The title always seemed high-falutin’ and snobbish.  I guess that “technically” I am one… but I don’t carry the “Muse” title (except for the purposes of this blog… which I explain my views about it on the About the Author page).  I’m a Taskmaster.  There is a lot of taskmastering involved.  I stand there in my orange vest, hard hat and work boots, leaning on a shovel.  No, that’s incorrect – that’s a county highway worker; sometimes I confuse the two.  Okay, I lounge about telling my Patron what to do while I eat bon-bons.  It’s hard work.

Alright, you caught me, I’m making stories up.  Being a Muse, or in my case – Taskmaster, involves a lot of ideas being shot back and forth, working out the details, trying a shot, seeing if it works or not and then trying something else.  It’s learning why this or that won’t work.  It’s figuring out what will work and why it does.

What I find interesting about the whole thing is that for me, it happened “organically” (No pesticides for me!  Mostly because I’m allergic to bug repellent).  I think that this is the most likely course when one is finding a Muse, though I have seen photographers and artists essentially advertise that they are looking for a Muse.  The appearance of these adverts raised all kinds of questions for me about what exactly IS the application process for being a Muse?  Do you have to fill out a W-4 Form?  Is there drug-testing involved?  Does it just go by height/weight/proportions?  This is not a slam on those who ARE looking for a Muse, but I would think it falls into the same category as coming across those people who are your soul mates in life – those people with whom you feel the instant connection that “HEY!  They GET me!!!  This is GREAT!”  (More ponderings on soul mates at a different date and time.)

I’m curious how many photographers and artists this has happened with where they advertise their desire of a Muse, and low-and-behold one applies and gets the title.  Is it a matter of Kismet during the interview process?  Do you work with the person a few times THEN decide they’re the one who will inspire you?  What happens when you find yourself with more than one?  I know this has happened, as I know a photographer who has more than one Muse.

The artist/Muse (we’ll just include photographers and everyone under “artist” for now) relationship involves much time and communication.  If you’re lucky, fantastic friendships can develop in stride with a wonderful working relationship.  If you’ve got more than one Muse – do they get jealous of each other?  Images of togas and laurel wreaths going flying in a flurry of jealous rage comes to mind, and makes me giggle because I’m not a jealous person (I firmly believe jealousy is a “wasted emotion”; yet another blog topic for a later date and time)…  My curiosity often gets me into trouble, and I’m sure someone reading this will be offended… but I just have so many questions!

Then there are the questions from the other end.  If or when your Muse works with another artist, do YOU become jealous?  Are you fraught with insecurities like:  What if they create a better image than what I can?  What if they had more fun?

So tell me artists – what are your views on this subject?  In the meanwhile… I have some bonbons to eat and some lounging to do….

About The Amusing Muse

Deep thinker whose mind operates at warped speed. Philosopher pondering the big (and little) things in life. Storyteller. Office Ninja. Model. Teller of bad jokes. User of big words.
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