A good horse pull…

I’ve been battling a cold-turned-sinus-infection for the last week, but today DH and I ventured out in the rain to the Iowa County Fair to take in the Horse Pulling Contest.  I’ve
always liked horse pulls because the horses really do LOVE what they are doing.  Some of these big guys eyed up the stone boat each time they were brought to it.  These horses are trained to PULL, many of them know to listen for the judge’s whistle to approach, and then listen for the “clink” of the metal pin dropping into the hitch.  Many times, these teams anticipate the “clink” and take off before they’ve been hooked up.

The breeds used for pulled are usually Belgians, but occasionally you will come across Percherons, Clydesdales or Shires, and once in a great while you’ll see other breeds.  Today was mostly Belgians with a couple Percherons in the mix.  Enjoy the images.

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