Sturgis to home

It’s the final day of the drive home; Up and at ‘em and out the door.  Honestly, I didn’t take any pictures.  I was tired.  Done.  Ready for home.  For someone who spends so much time alone, an entire week of having my only “alone time” being when I was in the bathroom… I was borderline murderous.

We got into the car, I started us off and it was on the highway heading east.  I asked BIL if he’d ever stopped at Wall Drug.  No, he hadn’t.  Did he want to stop?  No.  *sigh* Why the sigh?  Okay, call me crazy, but I love Wall Drug.  It’s kitschy.  It’s campy.  It’s fun.  There is a ton of nonsensical things to do there just for the hell of it.  But, I drove on past.

I don’t recall when I stopped and switched drivers.  It was somewhere near a river.  We stopped for gas, and then I took over the back seat again, pulled out my nook and closed up the shell.  The rest of the trip was a blur.  I know I fell asleep in there somewhere… I woke up in Crescent City before we crossed over into Wisconsin.  I fell asleep again, and woke up in Richland Center.  My Nicky Charles book had been finished and it was on to paging through the newest In Style magazine.

We reached home about 830, ran off to grab some frozen pizza (travesty!) and drinks and then it was to the house to unload, take a deep breath and relax.  The highlight of the trip back was when we were leaving Richland Center; we got to see a most spectacular sunset.  Enjoy!

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