Fun in the High Desert

We arrived in Palmdale, CA on late Monday morning, got picked up by Brother in Law (BIL), grabbed some groceries, rode to BIL’s house, and then caught some lunch at BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse.  BIL had an appointment that afternoon to see if his cast could come off of his arm (he’d broken his elbow mountain biking), so after lunch, Dear Husband (DH) drove BIL to his appointment and I spent the time enjoying a MUCH needed shower.  Spending over 40 hours on the train and not attempting to maintain balance in the shower can leave a person not feeling so fresh.

I caught up with some emails, chatted with a friend, had my hair dry in about 30 minutes in the 95+ degree, dry wind.  I didn’t miss the humidity back here in Wisconsin!    The guys arrived with BIL’s having gotten his cast off, and parts to fix a leaky toilet.  They went about fixing the leaky toilet and I started to relax in earnest.

Dinner of burgers on the grill with beer was enjoyed as the sun went down behind Ritter Ridge.  This is the same ridge that was on the news last year for wildfires.  After enjoying our visiting, the food and the drinks, we packed it in for the night, DH and I camping on the pull-out in the living room.

Wednesday morning found us waking “early” and we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast following by a hike up to the Los Angeles Aqueduct, then under it and up Ritter Ridge.  Keeping an eye out for Sidewinders (sadly I did not see any), we climbed, and rested, and climbed, and rested and then climbed some more.  It was in the mid-90’s already by 10 AM, and we took in the view from the top.

I was taking many pictures with the new Canon 30D that I purchased (thanks, Cousin!) and picked some souvenirs for my sister.  I also found many fastidious ants working doggedly along the trail.  There were also a great many ravens in the area, and I was enjoying watching their antics as we walked along.  All told, our hike lasted about 3 miles.

As we arrived back in BIL’s yard, we were scolded by a mother California Quail who had her brood in the sage and brush along the fence.  We spotted at least 10 babies in the underbrush, but there were more, small groups having scattered here and there, trying to stay under cover.  I snapped as many photos as I could to try to capture the babies on “film”, but gave up as they moved further away.

The rest of the afternoon was spent washing clothes, drying clothes, laying out and worshipping the sun at 4000’+ in elevation and relaxing.  Next time: Driving to Salt Lake City, UT.

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