“Friend Collection”

Welcome World to my first WordPress blog post.

Now, for something better.  Earlier today I posted on my Facebook status that I felt that people who “collected friends” on Facebook (or in my case Model Mayhem) are Losers.  I felt this warranted further explanation, as I felt those who read the post may have been given the false impression that I am antisocial.  This of course is a falsehood.

People who know me well, who spend time with me in person, who are familiar with my mannerisms (including my bad habit of “nerdjacking”), know that I can talk the ears off of most anyone.  I have carried on very amusing conversations with perfect strangers, and being a hobbiest model, I’ve had some fantastic discussions with people I just meet for the first time and spend only hours with.

My reason for calling out the “friend collectors” is that it is illogical to add these people you have no intention of ever talking to in person, let alone work with in any capacity.  I believe these “collectors” have self-esteem, falsely supported by people who they say are friends, yet these people know nothing or nearly nothing about them.  I’ve seen people say that they’ve met certain percentages of those on their friend list.  I know I’ve met thousands of people, but how many of those people “know” me?  How many of those people would be there for me if I needed them, and alternatively – would I be there for them?

Rather than bolster my self-esteem with “friends” in the thousands, I choose to cultivate relationships with those I enjoy.  I NETWORK with many, but there are few who will take the time to get to know me, and I them.  These are the people I concentrate on getting to know.  The rest of the world can walk around with an inflated sense of self-importance because they have 3, 487 friends on Facebook and 11, 539 friends on Model Mayhem.  But I know that most of my Facebook friends are FAMILY, and the rest are people who I make the effort to get to know.

About The Amusing Muse

Deep thinker whose mind operates at warped speed. Philosopher pondering the big (and little) things in life. Storyteller. Office Ninja. Model. Teller of bad jokes. User of big words.
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