Fancy Coffee Friday: Greetings from Costa Rica

Happy Fancy Coffee Friday, Dear Readers!!

For those of you playing along at home – I’m on vacation, Mr. Muse and I having been invited to join the fine folks of The Naturist Society in sunny Playa Pelada, Nosara, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, at the lovely Casa Banda with hosts Bibi and Arne.  How is that for a mouthful?

While everyone in Wisconsin has been dealing with dreary weather – I’ve been soaking up the rays down here in Central America (and it shows… in various shades of red and pink), as well as checking out all the really cool bugs (they are the size of my HEAD!  Well… maybe not quite that big) and I even made it past the halfway point of vacation before breaking out in a rash from something.  I’d call that success.

I have taken tons of photos, both on my phone and with my actual camera, enjoyed a lot of good food with great people (all but two of whom I’d never met before) and have been spotting howler monkeys in the distance.  Okay, admittedly I have also been thinking, “How can I move to Costa Rica?”  I have lots to report, an article to write for TNS and tons of photos to go through.  Meanwhile…. here was the view from my lounge chair yesterday morning:

Pool view at Casa Banda.

Pool view at Casa Banda.

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Fancy Coffee Friday: I only needed a bra*

It is safe to say that I hold shopping for everything other than food and beverage in the same stead as things like pulling out a sliver, having a cavity worked on by the dentist or vomiting; these are all things I only do when necessary or are absolutely unavoidable.

Saturday on my way back home from taking a sewing class, I thought to myself that since it was Saturday and I was passing West Towne Mall, stopping at Victoria’s Secret to replace my favorite bra that was falling apart with increased frequency would be a wise move.  However, as I approached the mall and saw from the exit ramp that the parking lot was packed to the gills and traffic to get INTO the mall was backed up onto Gammon Road, I changed my mind.  I’m not a complete idiot – it’d be smarter and easier to go on Monday before the main lunch rush.

So Monday, I set about with my plan of heading to Victoria’s Secret to buy a replacement bra.  I avoided the food court entrance and went in through the next one to the south, the arm of the mall where Sephora, Auntie Anne’s and Kay Jewelers are and not finding a map readily at hand I thought (later I discovered it was just inside the entrance doors), “I’ll just… go to the right.  Victoria’s little Secret might be down that way… though I don’t remember.”

So I turned to the right and walked, noticing lots of new stores that I’d not seen the last time I ventured into the mall which was at some point during the last year and only to Kay Jewelers so I could drop off a watch I bought there for repair and that’s not really a walk INTO the mall…. But I digress.  My walk wasn’t looking promising and then I noticed a storefront with bright pink signage that was appropriately called, “PINK“.  I thought, “Oooookay. I knew PINK was the young woman brand for Vickies, but… maybe Victoria’s Secret is right next door.”

No dice.

I walked into PINK, bombarded with some sort of poppy club-music and looked around at all of the sweat- and lounge-pants with “PINK” emblazoned upon their backsides.  I searched for a clerk, and kept searching when finally some side-pony-tailed woman in sweat pants and a t-shirt (not kidding), yet wearing a very official looking communication device on her hip and a lanyard around her neck that appeared to be missing a name tag, came darting past.  I waved half-heartedly, the “lost” look clear on my face and asked, “Is this Victoria’s Secret?”

She have me a heavy-sigh and an exasperated hip hike before saying with one of those “ughhhh-ck” sounds, “No.  THAT store is eight stores down on the left.”  She turned her back and fled to the back of the store, obviously fed-up with lost old ladies like myself.  So, I turned on my heel and headed out into the main walk of the mall, turned left and proceeded to Victoria’s Secret.

Once again, nary a clerk was to be found I headed back to the Bra Salon where the fitting rooms were.  A bored, uncomfortable-looking, and  solitary man seated in a padded chair near the fitting room entrance.  I looked about me, trying to see if I could spot the bra I’d come for but to no avail.  Finally I spotted the registers, hidden along a side wall, at the same moment a clerk in the process of checking someone out looked in my direction, she noticed my look of helplessness and quickly averted her gaze.  Nearly ready to give up, I turned and once again found myself spotting the elusive “retail clerk” as this one nearly sprinted from the fitting rooms, stopped short and looked at me as she said, “Can I help you?”

Yes!  Yes you can.

I explained to her my mission:  find a replacement bra for the one I had on.

She asked what it was?  I responded, “Um… one of those convertible ones with the clear straps.”

She raised an eyebrow and said, “Is it padded?”  I felt my tits and said, “A little… not a lot though.”

Her eyes moving from my chest to my face, asked, “Is it a ‘Very Sexy’ bra?”

I acquired the look of a deer in headlights and said, “I have no idea.”

She turned on her toes and bustled through the store back to the front, tossing over her shoulder at me, “It’s probably a ‘Very Sexy’ multi-way bra though we haven’t had anything with clear straps in years…”

She looked through the racks and drawers for my size, which is apparently the most popular size ever, and coming up empty-handed, even after a call to the stockroom, she breathed out, “I think we’re going to have to order you the bra and have it shipped.  It’ll go straight to your house, free of charge.”

Since I’d specifically gone to Vickies because they have the bra I wanted, I agreed and we headed up to the register.  The clerk asked me if I’d shopped at VS before, “Sure, years ago.”  She asked for my phone number, punched it in and jingled, “You’re not in our system.”  After handing over my driver’s license so she could enter the address to ship my replacement, getting my email to send the shipping information and reentering my phone number, she asked if I wanted to put the purchase on my “Angel Card”.

I looked at her, once again with a lost expression and said, “I have no idea what that is.”  By now, the two other clerks and the three woman all at the registers each had an eyebrow raised in my general direction.  The clerk who was taking care of my issue began to explain what the card was and I blurted out that I was just going to put it on one of my own cards, thank you so much.  She continued with the transaction, and by now I was flustered with my wallet pulled apart that I tried running my card through backwards.  At her offer to swipe the card on her side, I realized my error, swiped the card again and we began to complete the sale.

She cheerily stated that my bra would be shipped immediately to the house (great) and now I was in the computer and could just use my phone number to look up what I needed next time I was there.  Unthinking, I responded, “I haven’t been inside of the mall, really, in probably four or five years… I didn’t even know that ‘PINK’ was a separate store.”


I folded the proffered receipt, stuffed it into my wallet and felt the eyes of all the women, customers and clerks, staring at me quite possibly with the impression that I had sprouted two extra heads instead of the fact that I haven’t really been INSIDE of the mall in all these years.  I scurried out of the store, got to my car and as I pulled out of the parking lot, it occurred to me that my transition to “hermit” may very well be near completion.

At the age of 38, I have become the old lady who doesn’t know where anything is and finds the mall overstimulating and confusing.

I also know why I prefer shopping online.


*This post originated as an email (yes, really) to my friends on Monday.  I shot it off to them and then thought, “DAMN!  That’d make a fine blog post!”

P.S. – I ordered the wrong size and had to go back to the mall to exchange the ones I got for the correct size.  This time I went in the right direction.

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Fancy Coffee Friday: Pumpkin Chili Recipe for Mr. Muse


I haven’t posted a recipe for a while and this morning as I rushed about the kitchen trying to get myself fed and watered before heading to the coffee shop for my fancy coffee, I asked Mr. Muse what he wanted for dinner.  I got, “I don’t know… hadn’t thought about it.”

I asked if chili was acceptable.  He said, “If you get me a recipe, I’ll make it.”  I knew I wanted pumpkin chili, which I’ve made before and it was tasty.  The thing is, once I make something from a recipe, I have near eidetic memory for the recipe, very seldom do I need to look it up again excepting baking – you need to be precise for baking.  So, after stopping at the coffee shop for my fancy coffee, pounding out nearly two dozen answers on the crossword as I waited for said fancy coffee, reaching the office, and wolfing down my homemade breakfast bowl – I swigged my full-caffeinated “Baby Grasshopper” and set about typing up a recipe for Mr. Muse.  I shall share that recipe with you… as well as the post script follow-up email.


So you need a recipe, hmmmm?  I put on the island a variety of cans, jars and things, but that’s not everything that you’ll need as I was trying to get myself out the door.

So, after you’re done treadmilling….

  • Chop the onion I put on top of the cans of beans, 1/4-1/2 inch dice
  • Wash ‘n Chop 3 ribs of celery, 1/4-1/2 inch dice
  • Wash ‘n Chop 2 red bell peppers, 1/4-1/2 inch dice
  • Brown the ground beef and add the onion, celery and peppers about halfway through to cook that.
  • Once the meat is browned and the veggies cooked (not cooked to death), add 1.25 oz (36 g) of the chili seasoning mixture.  Later on flavor will need to be checked as you and I both thought it was missing something.
  • Stop for a moment and hear my voice say, “That smells SO GOOD!”
  • After adding the chili seasoning and letting that cook a minute or two, add the can of tomato paste and stir things up.  Let it cook a minute or two.
  • Grab the can opener, open all the cans of beans, yes – all six cans.  Pour them into the big sink-straddling colander, rinse all their life-juices off of them.  Channel C. Montgomery Burns as their life-juices drain away, tenting your fingers and saying, “Exxxxxcellent!”
  • Pour the jar of tomatoes into the big pot of meat and veggies.  Giggle at the sound they make coming out of the jar… wet farts.  (Your wife is so immature!) **
  • “Mmmmmm, delicious meat and veggies!”
  • Grab the container of beef stock/broth from the left-hand island cabinet, shake it up, pour it into the pot.
  • Stir the pot.
  • Open the can of pumpkin puree (15 oz can for those of you at home) and add it to the pot and stir.
  • Add the beans.  All of them.
  • Smile and remember how much I love you.
  • Add to the pot 2 teaspoons of Pumpkin Pie Spice.  One more may be added later.  “Ooooh, it’s pumpkin pie!  No wait!  It’s CHILI!!  I love chili!”
  • Add two teaspoons of brown sugar to the pot.  Eat one teaspoon because it’s brown sugar and you’re a hummingbird who is going to eat a spoonful of sugar anyway.  Stir up the pot, take a taste.
  • Does it need salt?  Probably.  Add 1 teaspoon.
  • Pepper?  Add a 1/2 teaspoon.
  • Ask yourself if you should be cooking with wine.  Should you?  I think you should.  Pour yourself a glass of wine*, drink it while you cook.  Don’t add it to the chili.  (The chili could really use a bottle of good beer.  I drank all the good beer.  No beer for the chili.)
  • Is it really thick in the pot?  Add some water until it looks good.
  • Is the pot overflowing yet?  Not yet?  Good.  Don’t let it overflow.
  • Let it cook for a while, 10-15 minutes, medium-high… you want that sucker to bubble, but not BUBBLE.  More than a mud pot in Yellowstone, less than Old Faithful.
  • Shred some cheddar cheese to top the chili when it’s time to serve.  Eat a little bit of what you shredded, because that’s the rules.  Quality Control.
  • Does this meal require cornbread or muffins?  If so, there is cornmeal, corn flour and I think even some masa harina in the cabinet above the sink.  Bake away my good man. (I use the Betty Crocker recipe for Buttermilk Cornbread… page 50- or 60-something, I think, whichever page it is… it’s wrinkly from stuff getting spilled on it.)  The all-purpose flour blend is something like 5.25 oz per cup – you’ll have to check the book – there is a post-it flag marking the page.
  • Think to yourself, “Sarah is going to think this is awesome.  No, she’s going to think that I’M awesome for making this super-awesome pumpkin chili.”
  • Add some dried parsley to the pot; a healthy palm-full will do.
  • Do you need to add some dried cilantro?  I know you’re shaking your head “No”, but ask yourself:  “What would Sarah do?”  Sarah would add some dried cilantro.  Add just enough that you won’t say, “Ewww, cilantro.  It tastes like soap.”
  • About 5 minutes after adding the parsley, give things a taste.  What is it missing?  More garlic?  Pepper?  Salt?  Chili powder?  Brown Sugar?  Pumpkin Pie Spice?  Add what it needs.
  • There is a can of diced green chilies in the drawer – would the chili like a can of diced green chilies?  If it would, you should open the can and give the chilies to the chili.  (That’s a lot of chilies in one bullet point.)  Go ahead and think, or say, “Eat!  EAT the green chilies!  MWAHHHhh ha ha ha!”  That’s what I’d do.
  • There is a can of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce in that drawer (at the back) with the green chilies.  If you’re feeling spicy, you can add one or two (or more, but then you’re going to pay for that later and so will I – and you’ll hear about it…. just sayin’).  If you’d like to avoid paying for extra spicy chili and listening to me complain – don’t add the chipotles in adobo (at least not a lot).
  • Right now the chili should be all heated through, properly spiced and can just hang out on the stove top (cover on…dripping bacon fat into the sauce… mmmm bacon fat).
  • Envision me driving home from my massage, seat-dancing and singing along to my loud music with dirty lyrics, watching the road for deer and beavers, and interspersing “Chili! Chili! Chill-EE!” while shaking imaginary maracas with one hand… cause you know, I’m driving – gotta have at least one hand on the wheel.
  • Take a moment to hear me coming down the road and question HOW I passed my hearing test with such high marks when I play my music that loud.
  • Greet me at the door with a cocktail and a hug (I like your hugs… even more than bacon – and I like bacon a lot).  *Margaritas would go well with chili.  “Jose Margaritas“:  2 parts Tequila, 2 parts Triple Sec, 2 parts lime juice (fridge door). Shake. Serve over ice. If you’re feeling fancy – I like a salted rim on my glass.  (This is why I put the asterisk up there when I asked if you should be cooking with wine… I’m not trying to get your drunk.) [For those of you at home – Jose is/was a waiter at Pancho’s the last time Mr. Muse and I visited Cozumel and he was THE BEST WAITER EVER!  He made us practice our Spanish and told us this margarita recipe.]
  • Pause a moment as I tell you how SUPER-AWESOME you are and that the Pumpkin Chili you made smells awesome. (See what I did there?)
  • Remind me that chores need to be done (unless you did them, in which case, you’re SUPER-DUPER-AWESOME…you also smell a little bit like the billy goat).
  • Grab two bowls and spoons, dish up some awesome Pumpkin Chili. Dollop with fancy-schmancy organic greek yogurt made with wallaby milk… wait, the BRAND is “Wallaby”… not that the yogurt is made with wallaby milk… can you imagine?!  (LOL I can’t help but picture a wallaby milking parlor right now.)  Let the Shredded Cheese Fairy sprinkle some cheese on top.  Lament not having green onions to also sprinkle on top.
  • Eat the chili and enjoy the adoration of your wife for being so super-duper-awesome and making dinner.


  • There are 4 jalapenos peppers in the veggie drawer.  Halve 2 (or all 4), clear away seeds and membrane, dice 1/8-1/4 inch, add to pot with other veggies.
  • Add 1 to 1 1/2 cups of frozen corn after the tomatoes.  Chili likes corn.

That is all.

No it’s not.

I love you and you’re awesome!  Upgrades on awesomeness rating available after dinner.


And THAT is how you make chili.

** Rachel Jay over at Suburban Style Challenge is stealing this line for her own recipe.

Do you have a favorite chili recipe?

Chili:  With Beans or Without Beans?

What do you think of wallaby milk?

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Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving An Amusing Muse%0ASpecial


Welcome, welcome!  Let me get your coat.  It’ll be in the guest room.  Oh, don’t mind your shoes… the cats throw up on the carpet all the time and the sand gets into everything anyway.  One of these years we’re going to have to get the carpets and upholstery cleaned… probably after the cats are dead.  Help yourself to drinks and we’ll be frying the turkey pretty soon.

How’s the wine?  Good!  We thought it turned out pretty well, too.  Not too sweet, not too dry.  Mr. Muse is really doing well at this homemade wine making.  Baking bread?  You betcha.  I might be gluten-free, but that doesn’t mean I won’t have some tasty bread on the table for this day.  I even found gluten free cream of mushroom soup so green bean casserole is back on the menu.

Okay everyone, dinner is served!

***Moment of silence***

I believe that taking a moment every day to give thanks for all the things going right in our lives is important.  At Thanksgiving, we have the opportunity to voice our thanks directly to those for whom we are thankful.  So, this Thanksgiving I wanted to take a bit of your time to let you, my Dear Readers, know that I’m incredibly thankful that you not only subscribe to this blog, but you read it and some of you even leave comments.  I don’t know where this blog is going, but thank you for coming along for the ride.  I hope it’s as much fun for you as it is for me.

Next, because I know everyone is hungry and I know that the smell of that stuffing is making my stomach growl, here’s a quick list of things that I’m thankful for that don’t normally make the more serious lists.

Things I’m Thankful for in 2014

1. Gluten-free mascara and eyeliner.  You may still make my eyes water, but it’s not as bad.
2. Music with dirty lyrics.  If you see me driving and singing… now you know.
3. Black leather. It looks good.  It smells good.  It feels good.
4. Chicken Poop.  The lip balm.  (Also… chicken poop… because my garden loves it.)
5. Knowing how to use low gears on a vehicle, even if it’s automatic.
6. Power strips. So many things to plug in, so few outlets.  Oh wait!
7. Mouse traps. Sure the mice dancing overhead are cute… but they ARE mice.
8. Toilet paper. If you’ve ever sat down and been without… you know.
9. Toothpaste.  Morning-breath-of-death be banished! At least until I’ve had coffee.
10. Breathing. I couldn’t live without it.

Heh…. did you see what I did there… right… *points to #10*… you know?  I can’t live without breathing.  Cause… I can’t… *sigh*

What are YOU thankful for in 2014?

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Fancy Coffee Friday: Lumbersexuals?

I’ll give you a moment to giggle over today’s blog post title.  You can giggle over this video next.

You done now?  Okay, good – now I can get down to brass tacks.

Imagine it, my driveway in southern Wisconsin where we’d not yet had any snow, two weekends ago.  Mr. Muse was attacking firewood with his 8-pound splitting maul, decked out in his finest Carhartt work wear in “Carhartt Brown” when my cousin pulled into the driveway to pick up her jeep’s hard top from storage.  She got out of her jeep, commented “that’s sexy right there,” with a nod toward Mr. Muse, following up that she was into men who were rugged, and then she sprung the word “lumbersexual” on the two of us.

Lumbersexual?  So I asked, “What in hell is a “lumbersexual?”  She went on to explain that they were the newest incarnation of fashionable men, the urban, rugged “outdoors-men”.  The “metrosexual” was on the way out and being a “lumbersexual” was in, $200 rucksacks and designer Eddie Bauer flannel shirts.  She went on to say that this lumbersexual fad was not good for her dating life because she really liked rugged outdoors-men and now she was getting confused as to if men she wanted to date were actual rugged outdoors-men or just the lumbersexual wannabes.

via Urban Dictionary.

via Urban Dictionary.

Since Mr. Muse was never a Metro-sexual, he often dresses like a lumberjack when he’s outside, would never spend $200 on a rucksack and actually knows the difference between an axe and a splitting maul – chances are he’s not a lumbersexual.  Sorry ladies, he’s all mine!  Now that I’ve written all of that, since I know the difference between an axe and a splitting maul… maybe I’m a lumberjack, too?  But I digress.

So, if this is your first time seeing and reading about Lumbersexuals, I’ve decided to help you ladies who read this blog out with how you can spot a Lumberjack vs. a Lumbersexual.

 The Lumberjack

  1. Typically wears sturdy work pants, often from Carhartt but could also be from Farm & Fleet/Fleet Farm or Tractor Supply Co., which tend to have bar chain oil stains in various locations (check the side of the thighs where he’ll wipe said bar chain oil off of his hands).
  1. Wears substantial, leather work boots with steel toe (and often metatarsal protection) like Red Wings, which have “scars” from a variety of cutting implements. They often have stains from bar chain oil.
  1. Might wear flannel, chambray or denim, long-sleeved shirts, though during warm weather they most likely have on a t-shirt. Unless the bugs are bad. Shirts often have stains from bar chain oil.
  1. Carries a pair of safety glasses, hard hat and ear protection, often with smears of bar chain oil on them.
  1. Knows the difference between an axe and a splitting maul and tends to carry one or more splitting wedges in the pockets of the sturdy work pants. All tools usually have bar chain oil on them.
  1. His clothes smell like 2-cycle engine exhaust. So does he. He often has bar chain oil smeared somewhere on his face, hands and/or arms.
  1. He and his clothes often are covered in fine sawdust which gets into every nook-and-cranny. Expect him to be blowing that stuff out of his nose with the handkerchief he has in his pocket when he’s done.
  1. May or may not wear a “lumberjack elbow” support on his forearm.
  1. Speaks of “widowmakers”, “felling”, “punky wood” and “cords”.
  1. Reminds his significant other to pick up another gallon of bar chain oil on the way home.

The Lumbersexual

  1. Typically wears designer “rugged” fit jeans from placed like Eddie Bauer, LL Bean or Urban Outfitters. Pants will not have bar chain oil stains.
  1. Wears leather work books. They tend to look like they just came off of the shelf at the store or out of the box. They do not have bar chain oil stains or scars from cutting implements.
  1. Wears flannel, chambray or denim, long-sleeved shirts over a solid-colored t-shirt. Will generally have a canvas jacket over the top with a scarf tied neatly around their neck. None of these will have bar chain oil stains on them.
  1. Does not walk around with safety glasses, hard hat or ear protection smeared with bar chain oil. Probably has a $200 rucksack over his shoulder… which is not smeared with bar chain oil.
  1. Unlikely to know the difference between an axe and a splitting maul or carry splitting wedges in the pockets of their designer jeans.
  1. His clothes do not smell like 2-cycle engine exhaust, nor does he. In fact, he probably smells like Old Spice. He will not have bar chain oil smeared on his face, hands and/or arms.
  1. He will not be covered in fine sawdust. May or may not have a handkerchief in his pocket. This is most likely just for show.
  1. May or may not wear a support on his forearm for tennis elbow (or any other racquet sport).
  1. Does not speak about “widow makers”, “felling”, “punky wood” and “cords”.
  1. Reminds his significant other to pick up a bottle of wine on the way home.


If  you are at all concerned that you’ve gotten a lumbersexual and not a lumberjack, ask him where he got his clothes and look for bar chain oil.  If he replies Eddie Bauer – he’s a lumbersexual.  If he’s got bar chain oil on him somewhere – he’s a lumberjack.  And he’s okay.

This song could use more chainsaw.

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Fancy Coffee Friday: The World is My Oyster

Today I have a day off from work.  It’s not a holiday, but a bonus perk of working where I do; work long days, get every other Friday off.  Pretty sweet.

It’s been months however since my Friday’s off have not been filled with a full day of running about completing errands.  Mr. Muse asked me what I was going to do with myself the other day since I had a whole day of nothing ahead of me and I declared:


So what am I going to do with myself?  Oh ho!  Let me tell you… well…. I’m not sure.  I started making a list of things to do and I think I’ve paralyzed myself with all the possibilities to the point where I don’t know what to do first, or second after I write this blog post.  And wash dishes, start some laundry, vacuum the carpets, make a loaf of bread from my America’s Test Kitchen How Can It Be Gluten Free cookbook, cut out fabric for some pillows, get in treadmill time, fill bird feeders outside, put a fence around a pine tree to protect it from the livestock, pick up a whole bunch of pine cones for a friend’s craft project and…. Do you see what I mean?

Meanwhile, enjoy this picture of my goat Marilou showing her smarts this morning.  She’s the “baby” and instead of taking a jostling from the bigger goats and sheep trying to eat the hay – she approaches it from the top.  Smart girl!


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Fancy Coffee Friday: My Week in Review for 11/7/14

Unexciting.  Then End.

But that’s not why you came here, now is it?  You come to this blog because you’re a damned voyeur hoping that life isn’t as hum-drum as you think it is.  Sadly, life is pretty hum-drum, but it’s what you do BETWEEN the beats that matter; grab your sticks and play.  That’s your inspirational quote for the day.  Look!  I even made a graphic (optimized for Twitter even)!

Inspirational quotes by yours truly.

Inspirational quotes by yours truly.

Let’s add a little Todd Rundgren to the mix as well.  You’re welcome!

Okay, enough with the downplaying the excitement that is my life.  Since last week’s Fancy Coffee Friday post about my rooster, Sumo the Wonder Chicken, having escaped an attack from some wild creature, I have an update:  Sumo the Wonder Chicken remains in sick bay with what I think may be a broken foot.  This may prove to be an opportunity to break out tongue depressors and medical tape to fashion him a splint.  I’m kind of excited about that.  My Mom said a few times that she thought I should be a veterinarian; the problem with that is that I’d have to deal with the pet OWNERS if I did that… and you know what?  Pet owners are just as nuts (not all, but many of them) as Helicopter Parents.

Speaking of chickens – I sell the eggs.  Eggs are on back order.  I may never eat another egg until next summer with the way the orders are coming in.  Kidding – I’m still going to eat eggs, I sell the extras.

The other weekend we took down a rather large oak tree that had died of Oak Wilt and Mr. Muse has spent many an hour chopping up the trunk into splitting-size chunks where he then split them with his splitting maul and “grenade” splitting wedge.  I have a lot of firewood to haul to the stacks.  Initially, I viewed this as punishment for some unnamed offense, but I’ve been telling myself that it’s great exercise.  It is… it really is.  A bonus is that a few of my fingernails got pretty damaged some months back from a fake fingernail debacle (read: I was fucking impatient and took them off before I really should have) so they are trimmed as far down as I can get them which means “no catching fingernails on firewood”.  YAY!

Another bonus to the tree coming down is that the chickens were super-happy with what amounted to about a 100 huge grubs being worked out of the rotting wood by Mr. Muse and me and given to them.  Ever see a chicken with a big, fat grub the size of my thumb (if you’ve ever seen my thumb… )?  It’s hilarious!  This video clip pretty much explains the whole thing (no grubs were rescued by well-meaning pelicans in my scenario):

I also went to The Twin Cities area for some friends annual Halloween Party where the traditional Jello Shots were dispensed and consumed.  I also had a decent Sazerac at The Sample Room along with a burger and fries and devoured some of the BEST gluten-free pizza I’ve had yet at Sammy’s Pizza & Restaurant.

Jello shots. A #Halloween #tradition.

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This week also marked my Mom’s and Dad’s birthdays.  Yes, both of them.  No, they aren’t the same age, no they don’t share the same date.  But Happy Birthday to the both of them!

Some of my more fit followers will also be happy to know that I started working out again last week.  I’m back to interval training three days a week, walking and jogging.  Now it’s time to work yoga and strength training into the mix as well.

And there you have it.  The week in review!

How was your week?

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