Fancy Coffee Friday: Draft Picks

One of the issues with being a person afflicted with a serious case of “busy” is that my ideas for writing don’t always come at a convenient time. I have yet to carry a pen and paper into the shower. Most of the time when I’m in the barn, I’m without a writing utensil and scratching out some scrimshaw with a nail on a cast-off piece of two-by isn’t really conducive to pocketing for later. So, like most humans, my memory has some failings.

draftSuch is the case when I’m here on the blog working on one post and an idea for another comes to mind. I immediately open up another post window, type in what I think is a good description, maybe some notes, and head back to the post I was working on. Once in a great while I remember that I have all of these drafts sitting in limbo and I cast a glance at them. Inevitably, I get distracted and once again, abandon those same drafts that have been left to linger.

Today, I took some time and went through those drafts. “What was this about?” “What did I mean by that?” “That cluster of words doesn’t even make any sense.”

I think this works for blog drafts, too.

I think this works for blog drafts, too.

One-by-one I deleted cryptic drafts that I was no longer interested in tackling or drafts that made zero sense to me three years, or even a month, after I’d initially thought of the idea. The purge felt a bit like cleaning a closet of clothing that no longer fit, weren’t comfortable, or were just plain out-of-style. And then I thought of this post… about deleting drafts. And I wrote it.

One less draft in the folder.


What do you enjoy purging?

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Fancy Coffee Friday: Did It Just Get Weird in Here?

2012 Vince Padilla

2012 Vince Padilla

Tomorrow I will be working with photographer, Vince Padilla, on some conceptual work. He and I have worked together in the past so I’m looking forward to getting in front of his camera once again. The fact that it’ll be the first time back in front of a camera since late last summer brought to mind an interaction I had some weeks ago.

I’m a fan of supporting local businesses and the other week I’d stopped in at one of them to pick up a few things. During the course of conversation while I was there, my pal behind the counter made a comment that I must be a model. I paused for a moment and said, “I am a model.

This conversation went like most others I’ve had with people where it is revealed that I model. The cat gets out of the bag and typically the next question asked is, “What do you you model?”

I’m not a shy person and so I answer this question honestly. I model mostly for art, fine art, and for naturist publications. There is an inevitable pause at this revelation. The sound of the person’s mental gears whirring away is clear and as the words form for the question I know is coming, I smile politely and say, “Mostly I model nude.

2014 David Swanson

2014 David Swanson at Marcell In The Mornings.


Such was the case the other week. There was a bit of stammering. There were questions nearly started and then abandoned as this person struggled to figure out which direction they wanted to steer the conversation.

I remained patient for the next question, which is nearly always, “Would I have seen your work anywhere?” Since I expected this question, and I wasn’t surprised when it was asked, I kindly replied, “Perhaps. I’ve been in a variety of publications and pieces have been in galleries for show and for sale. But, the most mainstream spot was an article leader image in Islands magazine.” As they absorbed the information, I followed with, “…but usually when people find out I model nude, it often makes things weird because Americans get weird about nudity.”

It's my naked butt! 2013 ISLANDS Magazine issue! I wrote about it here.... and you can find Shelley Strazis here.

It’s my naked butt! 2013 ISLANDS Magazine issue! I wrote about it here…. and you can find Shelley Strazis here.

They silently nodded their head as their body language changed to nervous discomfort. They sidled back with shuffling steps and side-long glances. In their mind I went from being a “regular” customer to someone they might see nude. Somewhere. Sometime.

As I refrained from laughing outwardly, they nodded and quietly agreed, “Yeah, people get weird about that…”

I grinned, took a nonchalant step in their direction and stated, “Because in the US, people always seem to be making nudity about sex – even when sex may not have anything to do with the nudity.”

Now, backed around the counter, the weirdness hung heavily in the air. They nodded their agreement once again, finished my order and handed it to me. I smiled as if nothing out of the ordinary was said – because to me – it hadn’t. Thankfully, most weirdness doesn’t bother me in the least.

So, in anticipation of my shoot tomorrow, I thought I’d share some of my work over the years. Just don’t get weird about it.

2014 Naturist Photog

2014 Naturist Photog

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Fancy Coffee Friday: The First Step is Admitting You Have A Problem

Bargaining. It’s the first sign to others that there is a problem. The words, “I can stop any time I want…,” combined with a look of defiance is a good indication that there is more going on that meets the eye. So, it’s with heavy heart that today, here on my own blog, that I admit that I have a problem.

I can’t relax.

It came to a head on Martin Luther King, Jr., Day. Mr. Muse and I both received the day off as a paid holiday (for goodness sake – he fought for equal rights and the right to vote so get out and use your right to vote!). Since it was a Monday, I decided to get up at 5:30 and stay up, as I would on a typical weekday morning. By 7:30, I’d been out to the barn and taken care of the critters in the sub-zero temps. I’d managed to get in my Spanish lessons for the day and to write an essay (it’ll be posted here another time). I’d even gotten in some light housekeeping – being quiet as a mouse as Mr. Muse (who is NOT a morning person) was still asleep.

When Mr. Muse came out of the bedroom and we got breakfast underway, he asked me what I planned on doing for the day. I stated that I’d be doing some cooking. No more, no less. After breakfast he sat down to conquer the world and as an afterthought I uttered, “I’d like to use the computer at some point today”. There was a pause in his mouse hand, he turned with a surprised look and quickly changing to a grin said, “I thought you said you’d be cooking?” Then he winked and followed with, “No worries. Just give me a heads up about a half hour before you want it.”

By 1 PM, I’d managed to add to the tally of “busy”: washing a full sink of dishes, whipping up a batch of coconut oil for after-shower body moisturizing, mixing up a loaf of Honey Millet Bread and had it in the oven baking, and was in the process of cooking Creamy Cheesy Millet (I had millet to use up… it’d been around for a while) for lunch.

I loaded up a spoon for Mr. Muse to try and as he tasted I could see thoughts forming in his mind. He handed back the spoon, nodded that it was acceptable to him (he’s not a big fan of cooked millet – he’s extremely food-texture sensitive) and asked, “Are you going to need the computer after lunch?”

It was an innocent question. It only needed a “yes” or a “no” in response but, me being the kind of person who is apt to answer questions not being asked of me (I’m getting better), I responded with, “Well, after lunch I need to pull the dead fish out of the tank (this is a story in-and-of-itself) and have you spot me so I’m reaching into the plants in the right spot. Then I need to go to the barn and dump the goat’s water because somebody pooped in it, scrub it out, and refill it. Then,” I sighed, “it’s Monday, so that means floors need to be swept and vacuumed and the bathrooms need to be scrubbed…”

And here is where he cut me off.

He gave me a look. THE Look, if I’m being honest, and said, “Sarah, today is a holiday and this morning you said you wanted the computer, which meant that I thought you were going to relax. You can relax. Everything else will get done later. It’s a ‘free’ holiday.”

I countered in a rush, “But! But…. The floors… and the bathrooms! And it being Monday! It’s my strength training day, plus, since I have time I could get on the treadmill and watch a movie as I walk… and I still need to get dinner done…” And then I looked at him. He just shook his head as he took his bowl of Creamy Cheesy Millet (delicious, by the way), and said, “I’m not going to tell you to relax.”

A little while later, after I’d eaten, taken the bread out of the oven, and put away the leftover Creamy Cheesy Millet, I asked for him to “spot me” as I removed the dead fish from the tank. I put them in the compost bucket, swept the kitchen and dining room and was filled with an incredible sense of: guilt.

I hate guilt.

Guilt is the last thing from my Catholic-upbringing of which I am apparently unable to divest myself. I felt guilty even thinking about relaxing. “Idol hands are the Devil’s playground!” the warning rang out. If I’m not doing something, anything, I’m lazy. LAZY!!!

I walked into the office, put my arms around Mr. Muse’s shoulders and whispered, “If you will clean the bathrooms and vacuum the carpets… I promise I’ll relax.”

Which isn’t really true in its entirety as I find myself at the computer hammering out the day on the keyboard. Maybe it’s to serve as a warning to others? Perhaps it’s a warning to myself?

Either way, the first step is admitting you have a problem.

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Fancy Coffee Friday: A Measure of Success

Yesterday, without really thinking through my day, I got dressed for the office and packed my lunch for the day. I wore a white suit (yes, white after Labor Day – I’m a REBEL!) and brought leftover Cauliflower & Chickpea Curry. This was either complete foolishness on my part OR I was subconsciously putting to myself a new and dangerous challenge.

Challenge accepted. Because I'm hungry.

Challenge accepted. Because I’m hungry.

image via Imgur

Of course, this didn’t occur to me until part way through my morning when thoughts of food began to enter my head. Like my pets and livestock, I’m highly food motivated. I pretty much think about food all day, contemplating my next meal (cheese, turkey, and rice crackers for lunch today), to what I ate last (hash and eggs and hash browns and coffee… I took half of it to go), to what I’m having for dinner (something with ground beef), to what I’m making over the weekend (pot roast). Since I have a rather significant collection of cookbooks, the older, stained, and notes in the margin the better, I think it’s safe to say that I love food. So, back to this curry.

image via

image via

I was living the life of extreme excitement this week as Mr. Muse had to go to the East Coast for work and I was being Bachelorette-Extraordinaire! That is to say that I came home from work and in what is essentially two-and-a-half hours between getting home and flopping into bed to read, I fed all the animals, washed eggs, worked out, showered, ate a slice of cold pizza for dinner, washed dishes, gave fluids to the cat and then went to bed. There wasn’t even wine involved, because… well, last week’s post. And it was just the first night. I know, you’re all wishing you could live the high-life, too.

So, on day two of bachelorettehood I thought, “Hey, I need to make something for dinner. Hey! Mr. Muse is gone which means I can cook cauliflower and he won’t be around to say, ‘Ewww, cauliflower… it stinks’! Perfect.” As an aside, if you make your cauliflower curried – it doesn’t “smell like” cooking cauliflower. Okay, I digressed. ANYHOO! I ended up with a lot of curry to eat. So, obviously since I’m the only one in the house who is going to be eating it – bringing some for lunch was a good idea.

And that’s where we end up at the point of a thrown gauntlet, white-suit-curry-for-lunch challenge.

As I stood in the kitchen at the office, thoughtlessly dumping the rice I cooked that morning into a bowl I suddenly remembered “White suit, yellow curry”. I carefully poured my leftovers into the bowl in a direction away from the white suit and set them to heating up. Back at my desk, I employed the lean-method, which of course made me look like some sort of starving beast – but success was reached as I didn’t get curry on the suit and my dry cleaner will be proud.

Now, I told you that whole long, drawn-out story to say this: the whole situation brought to mind that despite what we think is our best planning for our days, Life throws curve balls. Or, brings you curry when you’re wearing a white suit.

The plans I laid out for my year have so far gone really well, I’ve stuck to them and life is getting back to normal. Mr. Muse returned from his job out on the coast and we had our weekly breakfast date this morning. But, there have still been curve balls this first full week of the year. Two sets of friends are losing family members to lung cancer, another dear friend sent a confusing message via text and I’ve not been able to reach them for clarification, and chances are I won’t be hearing back from them for a while. So, for all the normalcy having returned, I’m still trying to hit pitches that are coming in hard and fast.

Who knew that I’d find a life lesson in a bowl of curry? I’m going to be here, watching the pitcher and waiting to send their throws to the fences*. So, here’s to the small victories, the little successes, and making it through the day without getting curry on your white suit.

And Life? This is how I’m feeling right now.

*Bragging rights: I had a batting average of .455 when I stopped playing softball. Boom!

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Fancy Coffee Friday: Ringing in the New Year of 2016!

Good MORNING, Everyone!

Naps, they kind of cure everything.

Naps, they kind of cure everything.

How are the hangovers? The regrets? Do you remember everything from last night? I hope you do – I hope I do, too, at the writing of this post (I’m planning ahead). No, no, as I write this I’ve working out my approach to New Year’s Eve as “err on the side of me needing to drive home”. Why? Well, it’s all part of my plan for my 40th year on the Planet Earth. What can I commit to that will make my life better?

So, let me start by saying that I’ve never really cared for New Year’s Resolutions. If I decide that I want to do something, I set out to do it. Just a small issue: I get bored easily. Pretty much as soon as I figure out that something is either A) too easy, or B) too frustratingly difficult, I toss my hands up in an “I’m bored” or “I don’t want to do this anymore” and move on to the next thing. That’s what they, the experts, call “lack of persistence”.

Personally, I find this lack of persistence annoying. As in, “why do I get bored so easily and why do I have to make everything so difficult!” annoying. That’s right, I feel that way about myself sometimes. More than sometimes. In other words, this is a personal challenge, and I have accepted: persistence is something I can develop.

For starters, in 2015, I was tipped off to a smartphone app called Duolingo. Since Mr. Muse and I had been trying to learn Spanish for more than a couple years and falling off the wagon, repeatedly, on getting out the discs and practicing, this little app seemed a good idea. So far, it’s been working well. There are no discs to get out and my phone is almost always with me, so even if I can only force myself to practice for five minutes, that’s still five minutes of practice gotten in for the day. I haven’t missed a day in nearly three months. It’s something I’ve committed to; I’m developing persistence.

And that’s my personal theme for 2016. Commitments. What can I commit to for myself? No berating myself over what I “resolved to do” and then conveniently forgotten. Spending even 5 minutes a day using the Duolingo app is easy, it’s convenient, and I dare say it’s become habitual in using it. THAT kind of commitment. The kind that becomes habitual.

So, what are the things I am planning on committing to because they are reasonable, attainable, and I really, truly, want to do them?

1. Drink less adult beverages. I found that a few things have happened in the last couple years when I have adult beverages. Firstly, hangovers. Hangovers are not fun. Secondly, I sleep like shit. Nothing like laying there in bed, tossing and turning, even though your mind really wants to shut off, but everything else can’t. Thirdly, and perhaps most vain of me, when I don’t drink often – I get an almost flat stomach.

2. Keep learning Spanish. Last month I actually went to a local Mexican grocery for piloncillos (cones of brown sugar) to make buñuelos for last night’s party. I got through whole transaction speaking Spanish. Yes, I spend fifteen minutes on the drive there repeating over and over in my head what I had to say, but I did it. It was an attainable challenge.

3. Exercise more. I’m over 30 and my “metabolism has taken a shitter”, as a previous doctor pointed out to me (that’s not why they are “previous” – they moved on to a new position). Besides my desire to continue fitting into the clothes I presently own and my own vanity at really liking having a flat(tish) stomach (see #1); I haven’t forgotten that with my heart issues, I can’t just sit around, resting on my laurels. We, as humans, are made to MOVE. Also, diabetes runs in my family, I swear – EVERYONE has it. That might be an exaggeration, but it certainly seems like everyone does and personally, I don’t want it.

True. Well, really it's that I want to eat chocolate, but ice cream works, too.

True. Well, really it’s that I want to eat chocolate, but ice cream works, too.

4. Read more. I went from an being avid reader to reading nearly nothing by the time I discovered that gluten was a big problem for me in 2012. Brain fog was a bitch and it was disheartening to go from ripping through a book or three every month to not being able to finish a book in a year. Since being gluten-free, I’m reading again, and a lot – just not as much as I’d like. Also, once again, I’m retaining what I read.

5. Write more. This is something that requires a little help from Mr. Muse. We both work full-time and setting aside time for writing often gets pushed to the side in lieu of things like house cleaning, working out, or being so tired that all I want to do is veg out on the couch and watch marathon runs of episodes of The Simpsons on FXX. Basically Mr. Muse will have permission to nag say to me, “Did you write today? Did you plan on writing today? Did you at least think about writing today?”

6. Make more memories with friends and family. I saw this article about ways to catch up with friends, and as much as I enjoy going out to dinner (and drinks… again, see #1), dinners out don’t typically stick with me for memory-making. Dinners AT people’s houses do. Camping trips do. Kayaking down rivers do. So this year, after a suggestion from me, I think all the friends are committing to making memories by having more experiences.

7. Take more photos AND print them off. When I was a kid, I would grab the photo albums from the book shelf and flip through the pages, wondering. There were photos of my dad in bootcamp and Vietnam. There were photos of my mom as a 16-year old with her first horse. There were photos of my grandpa with his polka band and my grandma competitively dancing. I, and most other people my age, are guilty of taking photo-after-photo on our smart phones and they never see the light of day. For me, that needs to change. Also, I noticed that I don’t have any photos of Mr. Muse and me from 2015. I want to be able to waltz down memory lane in a year from now, or 40.

8. Make our cat, Alex, as comfortable as I can as his aging body shuts down. He’ll be 18 in May 2016 – if he makes it that long. His kidneys are failing. We’re pretty sure he went deaf shortly before Thanksgiving. And now, I’ve noticed that when he goes to sit, he doesn’t “quite” sit. He hovers, then he decides to lay down. I watch him closely, looking for the sign(s) that it’s time to say our goodbyes, that he no longer seeks out attention, that he no longer chases his compatriot, Rupunzel. That he no longer will tolerate me administering fluids every 2 or 3 days. That the spark has left his eyes. As I write this, he’s still got the spark, but I’m resigned to the fact that in 2016, it will go out more than likely.

So, for 2016, those are my plans. The big plans anyway. There are still the honey bees, gardening, modeling, traveling, etc., but my 40th birthday isn’t too far away and I think it’s about time I really work towards those things that I really want to be doing more.

What are your plans for 2016?


(NOTE: This post was supposed to publish at 5 AM today. Apparently WordPress wasn’t up for the task on the 1st day of the year. I, however, was successful last night and hangover free today.)

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Fancy Coffee Friday: And a Ho, Ho, Ho!

My alarm didn’t go off at 5:30 this morning… because it’s a new phone and I forgot to set the alarm on it. So, at the crack of 7:30, I got out of bed today, headed out to the barn to feed the flock of hens and herd of goats, all of them standing facing the house. Waiting. Watching. I was two hours late and by jove, they were going to make sure I knew they weren’t happy.

But, with food in their feeders, they quickly forgot the infraction of tardiness and I came into the house to see Mr. Muse had already gotten out of bed. I suspect that was only because it’s Christmas and he wanted to open his presents. He cheerily asked if I wanted to open presents right then or… And “or” it was, after I made myself a hot beverage, presents could be opened. He scampered off and left me to my hot beverage-making. When I got into the living room, he was sitting there with our presents to each other stacked up and waiting.

Since we like spending our money on traveling, we don’t typically get a lot of gifts for each other. This year I got Mr. Muse a replacement Pentax Optio camera. A point-and-shoot that is waterproof and has a built-in ring light for taking macro-photos. This replaced his previous Pentax Optio that was damaged in Costa Rica when he misjudged how slippery a rock was at the beach and went down – landing on the camera, its lens cracked. While no longer waterproof, it could still be used to take photos, just not macros – and he loves taking macro photos. He also got a clamp-on laser sight for one of his saws in the workshop. He’s been playing with the camera most of the morning.

And me? I got a brand-new KitchenAid food processor with 14-cup capacity. I’ve been asking for a large food processor for years, and with my new cookbooks for gluten-free baking and cooking, a lot of the recipes require a food processor. My new one is like the cadillac of food processors. I’m going to have a long-term relationship with that kitchen tool.

But, Christmas isn’t about “stuff”. It’s about people and the time we spend with them. We spent last weekend with Mr. Muse’s family. Yesterday was spent with our “chosen” family, which includes a lot of Swedes, and celebrating as the Swedes do – with a julbord. Three phases of food: starters, main meal, and desserts. And with ten adults and a pair of toddler twin girls racing about and putting their father and “uncles” to feats of strength with many cries of “AGAIN!” It was a noisy, raucous gathering that at the end, once goodnights were bid to the toddlers, the adults lolled on the couches and chairs, yawning and saying, “I need to go to bed” and “I ate too much”.

Today, Mr. Muse and I are alone for the day, tidying up the house and getting things ready for a trip up to my parents to celebrate with them. My sister, her husband and their two youngest were asked to drive some Amish friends down to Tennessee as their usual driving company was short a driver so we won’t see them this time. As much as I’d like to visit with her and my brother in law, they are giving the gift of time to their Amish friends who don’t get to see their family that often. We can see them and the kids far more often than the Amish get to see their family. And, isn’t that really the reason for the season? Celebrating the people in your life and the memories you make? Giving what you can to those who need it most?

So, from Mr. Muse and I, whatever you celebrate this holiday season we wish you Season’s Greetings, Happy Holidays, God Jul, Happy Chanukkah, Joyous Saturnalia, and every other celebration out there.

From The Amusing and Mr. Muse (...he's amusing, too.)

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Fancy Coffee Friday: When Everything Goes To Shit

for when everything has just gone to shit..Okay – not really everything. Just a lot of stuff. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster around here for the last week. If you read last week’s post – you’ll know it started there. I’m hoping it’s nearing the end of the ride for the week.

After last week’s post and the unfriending, there was family drama, anticipating a short week at work where I hammered out 5 days of work in 2.5 (I was damn proud of myself for that) – but it was stressful. There was a pleasant aside of an “European Lunch” with Tall Dark and Swedish and my coworker, Agent K. For the uninitiated, a “European Lunch” is where you leave work for lunch and take half a day because you’re eating, drinking wine (or whatever) and trying to solve the worlds problems. In this case, Agent K is single so Tall Dark and Swedish thought it’d be fun to take her speed-dating; since Tall Dark and Swedish and I are married (not to each other), we were having great fun with the idea. We googled questions to ask at a speed-dating event and subjected Agent K to our sheer delight of asking her the questions. Agent K is a good sport. Also, Agent K and I were avoiding the company Christmas party – 6 hours of forced participation in things neither of us enjoy.

Now, back to everything going to shit. The weather here in Wisconsin is too damn warm which means that the honeybees are too active and have to be fed so they don’t eat all of their honey. The garlic I planted may sprout because of the warmth and the sour cherry tree’s buds are starting to swell up – not good at this time of year. Perennials like my irises are sending up new shoots and others that just never really died back are thinking we’re not really going to have a winter at all – so they’re still growing. Also, my phone ran some updates and I lost all cell service at my house. Awesome.

And then last night I noticed one of my goats not acting like her normal self. But it was late and I decided to leave things until morning – which was today. So, I brought the Divine Miss M into the barn and saw that her left ear was drooping, her head was tilted to the left and she couldn’t walk in a straight line. Having had dogs that have had strokes in the past – it was basically all the classic signs of a stroke – for a dog at any rate. For a goat? Do goats even get strokes? So, I got her into a stall, took her temperature (high) and gave her an aspirin, set her up with food and water and came inside to call the vet.

Oh yeah – no cell service. Enter Google Voice – so I try calling the vet from Google Voice and the poor receptionist kept thinking I was cutting out. I had to explain that I was calling from my computer as I had no cell service, briefly said what was going on and got confirmation that the vet would come out to see the goat.

At this moment I thought, “Now would be a good time to have a landline phone…”

But, I don’t have one. So, then I began the process of resetting my phone – as I’d been in email discussion with the provider help desk people for the last two days.

While my phone processed away doing what it was supposed to do to reset to factory settings, I busied myself with filling birdfeeders, checking on the goat, and doing some housecleaning. I emailed phone support again with screenshots of the latest failure to get the phone to work right. And then the vet came out.

Divine Miss M was tested for Caprine Arthritic Encephalitis (CAE) earlier this year and she tested positive. CAE can cause no problems at all, or it can cause arthritis or… death. It’s really a crap-shoot, and this poor goat has now had two major issues due to CAE. The first was developing a fibrous udder when she freshened (gave birth) in the spring, so her baby had to nurse from my other two does. That fibrous udder is a pain in the ass, and she looks like she has a permanently full udder all the time.

This recent round of illness appears, at first blush, to be an infection that is in her brain. So, after getting her weight and temperature, dosing her up proper with a heavy-duty antibiotic and a steroid, we get to sit and wait. Oh, and I also get to stick her Saturday and Sunday with more drugs and take her temperature. And the antibiotic? It stings.

The best case scenario is that it’s an infection and we caught it early and her neurological symptoms will go away. Less than ideal scenario is that she has developed encephalitis but the damage will be minimal and she’ll just be a little brain damaged. Worst case scenario is that she has encephalitis and it doesn’t resolve and she dies.

So, that’s my last week. Despite trying to stay positive about everything, it certainly feels like everything has gone to shit for the time being.

Oh, and my phone… still not working.

Bonus Note: I did, however, have a small victory today – just as I was about to finish up this post, one of the cats began their “I’m going to puke” ritual and I rescued the carpet from being the canvas onto which the vomit would land. I’ll consider that a “win”.

How do you deal with those weeks where it feels like everything has gone to shit?

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